*NOTE: Students must have Saddleback College as their college of record!*


Possible Candidate Timeline for Elections:

    1. March 24th by 11:59pm: Last day to file “Student Trustee Election Candidate Agreement Form”

    2. March 26: Mandatory Candidate Meeting (SSC 211)

      1. Meeting time: Tuesday at 9am in SSC 211

      2. Meeting date is tentative

    3. April 1: Elections open

    4. April 4: Elections close

      1. Elections close at 12 pm

    5. April 5: Winners announced


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BP 104

AR 104.1


Martha Uriarte- Student Trustee 2019-202


Major: International Business-Education

SC Activities: Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Psi Beta Psychology Club, Pre-Law Club and AAUW-Saddleback College Chapter.

Election StatementI am running to be your Student Board of Trustees Representative. My time at Saddleback College has allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills in favor of Saddleback College students. Being involved with many clubs on campus as an officer or member has to be a rewarding experience to know more about the student educational needs and preferences of extracurricular activities for fun and to promote camaraderie. During the last year I have been actively participating in Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Psi Beta Psychology Club, Pre-Law Club and we started our AAUW-Saddleback College Chapter on January 2019. While serving as Student Trustee, I’ll be representing the best interest for students of Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College whether you are a traditional or non-traditional student. I’ll promote open, honest, and civil discussion between the faculty, staff, administration, and students. I’ll address your concerns and transmit your message and needs to The Board of Trustees. I’ll make sure your voice is heard, especially when it comes to decisions about our education. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, concerns, and ideas to improve our experience on campus at Let’s do this together.