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Senator for Campus Life and Events 

Holly Barragán

As a dedicated and hardworking Saddleback College student, I would execute the Senator of Campus Life and Events position with professionalism and organization.


As we come out of a global pandemic, it is my top priority to grow Saddleback's campus life by organizing fun and engaging events that includes the full student body. My goal as a senator is to emphasize the importance of inclusion and diversity and to create an atmosphere that is fulfilling to students and to grow Saddleback College's Campus.


For the 22-23 year, I served as Chief of Staff on Associated Student Government. I have been in the position of planning and coordinating important events and understand the hard work that is put into campus life by volunteering at numerous campus events. I currently serve as the Treasurer of the Pre-Law Society and I understand the importance of spending the appropriate amount of funding, budgeting, and saving for future events.


If you want someone who is fun, social, responsible, empathetic, respectful, encouraging, and positive, VOTE for Holly Barragán for Senator of Campus Life and Events.

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