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Senator At-Large 

Calan Broughton

Hello and my name is Calan Broughton. I am a full time STEM student, US Army Reservist, and your next possible Senator at Large at Saddleback College.


I have been at Saddleback, on and off, since 2019. And I feel I have finally found my rhythm for college, thanks entirely to our programs at Saddleback. As a candidate for the Senator at Large Position, I'd like to focus my term entirely on student's Basic Needs. That's because students need consistent food resources, housing and mental health assistance to be successful in school every day!


As the previous Director of Veteran Student Council, I have the forefront mindset and working relationship with many faculty members and Student Government members alike. So with these working relationships and experience, I intend on making our programs more known to our current and incoming students. I also want to expand our horizons when it comes to food choices and housing, on campus, too. So when a student or the student populace has a Basic Needs related problem, I want to either help solve that problem or already know how to solve that problem for them.


I appreciate your time and consideration!

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