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Professor of the Year

The Professor of the Year recognizes the outstanding faculty who excel in teaching and positively influencing the lives and careers of Saddleback College students. 

Nomination Link

Nominations close Tuesday, January 23 at 11:59pm

How are recipients chosen?

  • Professors are nominated by members of the Saddleback College community. The majority of nominations come from current and former students. Professors may not nominate themselves. 

  • Nominated professors are asked to submit additional documents to a selection committee comprised of current students. A faculty or staff member not associated with any of the candidates may also be asked to serve on the committee. 

  • The selection committee will take all of the nominations, as well as the additional documentation, to score and select the successful candidate for the award. Nominations will account for 50% of the scoring. 

  • Awards will be given to one (1) full-time and one (1) associate professor. 

How can I participate?

  • Fill out the 2023-24 Professor of the Year nomination form here.

  • When filling out the nomination, keep in mind that nominations will account for 50% of the scoring. Be sure to be detailed with all instances that made you want to nominate this professor.

  • Provide specific examples of how the professor went above and beyond to help you as a student in your studies and/or in your life. 


Email: Mack Healy at

If you prefer to speak to someone directly, call (949) 582-4616 or visit the office in SSC 207. 

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