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Members of the Month

February  2022

Director of the Month

Keli Fisher

"I'm honored to receive this award. When joining Student Government and clubs, you become apart of a community of unique people and perspectives, and theres always something new to learn. Especially with ICC, each club is wholly unique in their communities. I feel truly honored to be a part of this inter-club community and contribute in any way I can. In doing so, we're able to work towards ASG's goals to build more belonging and inclusion on Saddleback campus" - Keli

Officers of the Month

Victoria Terence

"Receiving both Officer and Volunteer of the month was a delightful surprise. I knew I was working harder than i had before, but it feels incredible knowing that someone noticed. I felt supported and more importantly, motivated to do more" - Tori

Volunteers of the Month

Victoria Terence
Holly Baragan

"As an ASG member, I try to attend every volunteer event I can. It helps me get involved with the students who attend Saddleback, and with the school" - Holly

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