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The Helping Hands program is a collaboration between The Associated Student Government (ASG) and the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) to assist our Saddleback students who may not have the resources to provide a holiday experience for their families. The program is confidential and provides an opportunity for members of our Saddleback College community to come together to lend a helping hand by providing gifts and food for participants. Our goal is to function as a bridge, bringing together donors and recipients alike, so that we might lift each other up, and support one another during a time of uncertainty and great difficulty.


How are recipients chosen?

The event is open to all students involved in the EOPS program at Saddleback College. Students submit applications, a statement of need, and their wish list for each of their dependents. We review applications and match donors with families to help get them requested items. 


Who can be a donor?

Anyone can be a donor. If you are a group or individual who has sufficient resources to assist others during the holidays, your help can make all the difference for a family.

How can I participate to be a donor?

It's simple! We have 2 ways this year for you to help a family in need.

  1. Sign up to be a donor and we will match you with a child

  2. Donate an unwrapped new toy to one of the toy drive bins around campus: SSC, BGS, LRC, and Bookstore

If you would like to be matched, fill out the form and we will be in touch. We will send you a little about the family you are helping, the wish-list items, and instructions


If you are dropping off an item, we are looking for toys that kids would enjoy such as action figures, play pretend sets, Legos, LOL Surprise, Trucks, Disney items, etc.  

Don't have time to shop or can't make it to campus to drop off donations! We got you covered! You can also select to donate a gift card to allow us to shop for a family. We can receive the gift cards in person or virtually.


Sign up to participate by November 28. All gifts are due by December 2.

Form: 2022 Helping Hands for the Holidays Donor Form


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