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  • The ballot will run from April 14 to April 16.

  • Check your preferred student email for the ballot. 


For the 2020-2021 academic school year:

Ethan Poster.jpg


I believe the main reason behind IVC’s successful transfer rate is its exceptional student body, who deserve dedicated representatives. I was honored to serve as senator of arts from August 2019 to December 2019 and a member of the AS senate from January 2020 to present. I am also the ICC representative of Health Sciences club, and AAUW community outreach chair. As a senator, we held surveys and one-to-one forums with the students; we listened to their concerns and properly addressed their concerns at the AS meetings and took initiatives to better the experiences of our students. In the past few months, we have addressed many concerns regarding facilities, academic concerns, safety issues, college fees, well-being of our students, and celebrations. I am also an officer of the Health Sciences club; we provide students with resources and information regarding their educational and career paths in the health care system and hold/coordinate volunteer events for our interested students. In AAUW, we constantly try to address women and minority issues campus-wide and beyond. I also try to make an impact in our community by having more than 100 hours of volunteering at hospitals and events. I do not take responsibilities unless I am sure I can do them to the best of my abilities; I am never afraid to use my voice to project students’ concerns especially in district-wide meetings, and have dedicated my college years trying to provide better resources to our students and make a difference in our community.

Rose Poster.jpg


Living in a household that understood the importance of being informed about
current events, unlocked gateways for me to prosper in the exploration of politics
and law. During my time at Irvine Valley College as a political science major, I have
taken Political Science 1, 5, 14 and 41. In these courses, I explored the functions and
roles of policy domestically, internationally, and related it to current events. In
high school, I was a part of class council, where I attended bi-weekly meetings with
my other class council members, managed school events, welcomed all new
students, and promoted school involvement. These experiences broadened my
awareness where I want to honor and respect my fellow classmates' opinions and
as a Student Trustee, I plan to take on the responsibility and role to ensure that
students' voices are heard and represented in the board meetings. I believe that I
can be the individual who representsIVC and Saddleback studentss o make sure to
vote for Rose Esfandiari to represent you as Student Trustee.

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