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Vote March 13-17
Ballots will be sent to your emails
Scroll down to see timeline


There were a total of 714 ballots cast combined at Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College. The results are below, with the candidate with the most votes in bold.


Katelyn Hidde             418

Pamier Matin                285 

Write-in                           11

What is the Student Trustee?

The Student Trustee is a nonvoting (advisory) student member of the Board of Trustees. They are the voice of the students and represent the interests of both Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College for a period of one year.

eLECTION timeline

  1. Deadline for submission: February 26, 2023

  2. Candidates Meeting: February 28 (Times TBA)

  3. Campaigning: Begins February 28

  4. General Elections: March 13-17 (Saddleback will begin at noon on March 13 and end at 5p on March 17.)

How Can you Vote

  1. All Saddleback College Students will be emailed a ballot through their preferred Saddleback email that is listed in Mysite.

  2. IVC students will receive the ballot at the same time they receive the ASIVC ballot. 

  3. If you do not see your ballot, please check your junk email or spam folder. 

  4. If you have any questions, please email

  5. To file an election complaint, please fill out the form found here

Meet the candidates

Hello! My name is Katelyn Hidde, and I am currently Director of Campus Sustainability as a part of Saddleback College Associated Student Government. ASG has provided me with incredible opportunities to promote student advocacy and create lasting change across our campus. My council has focused our mission on promoting sustainability at Saddleback College through the spread of information to staff and students and increasing access to more sustainable options within campus facilities while working to ensure equal access for all students to sustainability. Our council has created various beach cleanup and campus beautification events. We have also worked to push initiatives to provide sustainable choices within campus facilities, such as sustainable menstrual products within our restrooms. My experience as a student leader has provided me the chance to attend student leadership conferences and workshops that have helped me develop communication, advocacy, and leadership skills in order to best represent my peers on our Board of Governance. I am passionate about ensuring equity and equal opportunity to our community college students and would be honored to participate as a Student Trustee and push for positive change across our community!

Katelyn Hidde

Pamier Matin

My main goal is to make sure that student voices are really being heard. Working towards actual, meaningful change that reflects the will of students. In order to get the most out of our experience in college, while improving our community. I understand what it’s like to need a voice that can accurately express your message. The Board of Trustees sway academic programs and educational services, I hope to be an avenue for students to have some influence in this regard. I’ve learned through instances where students face obstacles and need a voice in order for teachers and school administration to confront problems. In high school I worked with the student government, various clubs, and am currently a part of ASG. I’ve familiarized myself with the bureaucratic nature such organizations present and hope to make an effort for genuine progress. I don’t want to regurgitate hollow promises and experience and rather be an available medium for you to get your voice heard in board affairs.


Feel free to email me with any questions and I’ll be happy to respond -


Vote Pamier Matin for Student Trustee!

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