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Voting Closed!

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There were a total of 345 ballots cast. The results are below, with the candidate with the most votes in bold.


Christopher Castillo      113

Gloria Lee                    134 

Ian Brandt                       77

Write-in                             4


Vice President

Nicole Bullard                285

Write-in                            25


Director of Honors Student Council 

Zohal Noori                     124

Keli Fisher                         97

Bahar Momeninezhad      95

Write-in                               2


Director of External and Internal Affairs

Nathan Albano                297

Write-in                               9


Director of International and Diversity Student Council

Polina Guzei                    298

Write-in                                9

ASG Elections Candidates



Hello, this is Christopher Castillo, whether you are a traditional or a non-traditional student I am running to represent you as ASG Saddleback President! I have dedicated my life to public service! It all started in 2010 at the age of 20. I interned for Congresswoman Laura Richardson and started being mentored by Daryl Sweeney, one of the best political consultants in CA. Soon right after I worked as a political consultant on many public issued campaigns that changed local and state policies. In 2014, I was one of the youngest Government Affairs agents that championed Prop 47 to implement Criminal Justice Reform and Equity within our society. Consequently, I was hired to represent a non-profit that changed education policy statewide and that helped college students find internships in their fields of interest. I spent 4 years advocating and changing lives throughout the state of California. In November 2019 I was hired as the Political Director for Los Angeles Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, where I saw the implementation of Proposition HHH and Measure H. These measures brought affordable housing and resources to our county. In the middle of the COVID pandemic, we saw firsthand how many cities were not properly supported. I decided once again to focus on activism and created my very own Political Counseling and Government Affairs Firm. After a long-fought election year, we elected people that brought forward local change when it came to COVID Relief and Care. Today I serve as the Officer of Publicity for the Diversity and International Student Council for ASG, and I am the Saddleback Student Representative in hiring the new District Chancellor. These are the issues I will champion: I will advocate for Equity and Representation Career Pathways Programs that help students obtain internship I will advocate for affordable student housing We live in uncertain times, but this does not mean that you must have an uncertain education. I have a proven track record in solving problems and getting things done! Many will come with campaign rhetoric and false promises but will have no idea how to implement them. Rest assured that I will use my twelve years of experience in the political field to support individual student opportunities and strengthen Saddleback as an academic pillar of society. Today, I come to you as the son of undocomunted parents from Mexico, a non-traditional student, activist, business owner, and your classmate. When voting please consider a team that will always have your back! Strength in solidarity, Christopher Castillo for Saddleback ASG President & Nicole Bullard for Saddleback ASG Vice-President

Gloria Soo Hyun

Hey Saddleback! My name is Gloria Soo Hyun Lee and I’m running to be your ASG President for the upcoming term. As an Asian-American and first-generation student from a lower-class immigrant background, I have experienced a fair share of struggles ranging from finding my own identity, to facing racism, to facing financial difficulties, and more. I know how it feels like to yearn for a voice that can loudly represent the obstacles you're facing. And I know very well how it feels to just have someone, even if it’s just one person, to stand up for you and your opinions. I have taken on several leadership positions within my high school and college career thus far. Throughout my academic career, there were many times in which I needed to voice problems the student body was facing to our teacher or school administration as a student leader. It is within times like these that I realize how crucial it is to have a voice to represent you and your concerns. To take on these leadership roles mean a lot of responsibility. Although I am still growing, both as a character and as a person, I want to be able to contribute my perspective and voice to represent diverse students within our campus. For some background, in high school, I have served as the Key Club President, was on Congresswoman Katie Porter’s Youth Advisory Board, was a part of the Key Club District Leadership team, was the President of a Hunger Awareness Club, was the President of United Sound, was the Vice President of Academics for National Honor Society, was the Orchestra Representative for Music Honor Society, was the first chair/concertmistress for Chamber Orchestra, was the President of the Music Council and Music Program, was on ASB Senate, and have been volunteering for a non-profit organization to help children with disabilities for 4 years. At Saddleback, I currently serve as the Chief of Staff for ASG 2021-22, am a Biology major, have worked with IVC in Washington D.C. to represent and protect the rights of students with disabilities (DSPS students), have collaborated with faculty to organize Saddleback social events, already have plentiful experiences serving in the Board of Governance in ASG, and am always looking for ways to spread equity, mental health resources, increase affordability, and voice the beliefs of our students on our campus. I know Saddleback College is a special place. There’s no judgement here in regards to who can attend. No matter your past, whether you’re a traditional or non-traditional student, there’s always a place for you on our campus. I know so many students of various backgrounds who attend our school and an important goal of mine is to ensure that our campus is a safe space for all. No matter what you’re going through, whether you need to address an important concern with me or just need a person to talk to, I will always be here as someone who will wholeheartedly represent you. Your opinions and concerns will always be my #1 priority. I hope to be able to use both my compassion and leadership skills to advocate for students of all backgrounds as your future ASG President. Please email me if you would like to reach out to me regarding any questions or concerns -, I would be happy to answer them! Vote for Gloria Soo Hyun Lee as your ASG President - you can depend on me!  


As Saddleback's ASG President, I hope to bring a well-rounded and accepting view to the student body. A president's job is to listen, represent, and push for necessary change, to become the voice for all students on campus. Saddleback College is a great campus; however, it is not perfect. That is why, as your president, I aim for perfection no matter the difficult situation. Having been born in another country, I understand the difficulties of being in an unfamiliar land. Having been born with disabilities, I know how to advocate for what is needed. Having been born gay, I understand the struggles of being a minority. Through my struggles in life, I have become a better, more well-rounded individual who accepts all and wants all to be represented equally and heard loudly. While I may be new to campus, I have come to hear the many concerns my peers have about our school. Women worry about walking to their cars at night after class because of bad lighting and lack of feeling secure while on campus. Others worry about accessibility on campus, stating there is a lack of it for those with physical limitations. Being visually impaired, I dread walking off campus towards the mall because of the lack of a sidewalk. While the list goes on, it is mainly the fact that we have such a list, to begin with, that makes me want to run as a presidential candidate for ASG. As your president, I have no dought that good will come of it. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to email me personally at my saddleback email: or personal email: (I usually respond promptly). I could say a lot more, but I will leave it at that; thank you for reading my statement. I hope to make you all proud!

Vice President


Hello, my name is Nicole Bullard; I am a life-long Orange County local and returning Saddleback student after nine years of being in the workforce. Four years ago, I received my esthetician’s license, made the choice to recover myself from mental health issues and alcoholism, and made the deliberate decision to make a change and become a productive member of this community. As a returning Saddleback student, I understand the struggle of maintaining one’s mental health, balancing life and academic struggles, and needing support through troubling times. I am running for Vice President to use my life experience and empathy to focus on Saddleback students and the concerns of mental health while pursuing our academic goals. I believe that everyone deserves a fighting chance to discover who they are and we need to bring attention to individuals so we are greater together. By providing a sense of community we can begin to understand our peers and connect our future goals of making the world a better, brighter place for everyone. Creating a balance between people and institutions is achievable. If the community invests in itself, if we allow ourselves to see Saddleback College as an opportunity to change not only our lives, but the lives of everyone around us, the possibilities are endless. Addressing the needs of mental health, academic barriers, and struggles of addiction are all ways we bring ourselves closer to our goals. Becoming the person we want to be and living in a future that is promising, positive, and rich with opportunities. Being a student isn’t easy. It takes motivation, willingness to learn new concepts, and to juggle our schedules. As a student, I feel the urge to be of use to my peers and be of service. The concerns of excelling at Saddleback while also utilizing any and all resources to make life easier for us is on the forefront of my mind. There is always more time to become the person we want to be, to live the life we see on the horizon, and I aim to make Saddleback a safe, inclusive environment that allows us to expand on all interests, social issues, and academic goals for all students. Being a place of empathy, support, and opportunity is what I see for our future. Please consider the strengths I have to offer, that of a motivated and empathetic returning student bringing life experience and the willingness to sacrifice my time in order to improve the lives of others. It is a privilege to be of service. For change, empathy, and the building of strong communities, vote for a team that brings life experience and the motivation to see changes in the right direction. Strength in solidarity, Nicole Bullard for Saddleback ASG Vice President & Christopher Castillo Saddleback ASG President


Hello Bobcats! I’m Georgia Hand and I am running to be your next Vice President of Saddleback College’s Associate Student Government. A little bit about me: I am currently an Honors Program student and serve as the Officer of Outreach for the Honors Student Council. I am a first year English Literature Major, and active member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. Soon you’ll find me working in the LRC as an English Tutor! Now that we are back on campus, let’s get ready to make some beneficial changes, working to achieve the best community college experience. Like many of you, I understand the difficulty of multitasking while maintaining good grades, having to work while also looking to be successful in our academic endeavors. That is why I want to represent you as a student government leader. Saddleback has a unique and diverse population, which makes our school stand out from others. In order to maintain a welcoming and supportive campus environment, I believe it’s extremely important that all students are acknowledged, and want to progress in the process of campus inclusion. That means furthering the apprehension of clubs on campus, especially those with focus on attaining diversity. I intend to create visibility for Affinity groups on campus, such as the Lavender Group in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am passionate about the opportunities Saddleback has for its students, and want to help motivate my peers on campus to take advantage! It is my goal to propel the reformation of school spirit by spreading news and encouraging attendance to extra-curricular activities on campus such as sporting events, the performing arts, showcases, and more. I’ll propose enjoyable fundraising events both on and off campus, to keep our amazing programs abundant. I will ensure opportunities are created to get students involved, while making way for our school’s financial goals. We as community college students have so many paths we can take, and with the right motivation we can achieve any goals we wish to pursue! I want to create an inclusive and immersive environment on campus, welcoming to everyone. I am open to any thoughts or ideas, and want to take the responsibility of improving campus life. Let’s be the best Community College in South Orange County!

Director of Honors Student Council


As a first-year college student and a biology major on the premed track, Saddleback College has given me many opportunities that strengthened my skills as a leader and as a student, especially through the honors program. As the Honors Student Council’s current Administrative Coordinator, I contributed to honors events and worked one-on-one with the program’s head advisor during the last 8 months. I have sufficient knowledge in how the council runs and, as the most qualified candidate for Director of HSC, I am familiar with how to effectively represent the student body’s diverse voices and stories regardless of background. Working alongside IVC’s student government, I recently represented Saddleback’s ASG and met with Congressional leaders at Washington DC to discuss disability rights, basic student needs, sustainability, and affordable education on our SOCCCD campuses. Currently, I am an active member of the Phi Theta Kappa chapter and VP of Community Outreach and Service for the leadership-driven organization Alpha Gamma Sigma where I have built strong networking and leadership skills. Outside of college, I am the head of Saddleback Hospital’s LDRP volunteers, teach Taekwondo to students of all ages as a third-degree black belt instructor and I have served as President and VP of CSF, Red Cross, and NHS while representing the IB diploma program in the last few years. Beyond my qualifications, I am an honors student and understand the unspoken internal and external hardships that many of us struggle with. As Director of the Honors Student Council, I aspire to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to strive in their educational journey, and I feel passionate about expanding the opportunities that personally changed my life here at Saddleback to the current and incoming students. I want to encourage each individual to discover their full potential while prioritizing their mental health and striving with academic confidence. Through exclusive events such as transfer panels, research conferences, and alumni workshops specialized for honors students, I plan to optimize the overall honors experience and pave the way for student success and community building. Given the transition from virtual classes to on-campus sessions, I understand the hesitation that comes with feeling “normal” again on campus. As a leader representing the student body, I will consider inclusive ways that honors students can feel accepted and connected to Saddleback through events like virtual coffee talks, honors movie nights, de-stress workshops, and academia mentor systems! Remaining mindful of all the traditional and non-traditional student stories constituting Saddleback, I promise to empower and advocate for equity and positive growth within the honors program while providing resources to expand our physical and emotional capabilities. I want students to walk away from Saddleback believing that they took advantage of every opportunity handed to them-that the foundation they created here was a stepping stone on their road to success. Above all, I want to celebrate the journey and achievements of not only the honors students, but of every single student here at Saddleback College. Thank you and go Bobcats!


Hey, Bobcats! My name is Keli Fisher, and I'm a first-year student planning to major in Psychology, and I'd be honored to serve you as the Director of the Honors Student Council. Over the past year, I've been dedicated to becoming well-acquainted with the student experience, even if most of the student experience has been online. In particular, my main responsibilities as a board member of the Psi Beta & Psychology Club and officer of events for the Honors Student Council involve planning events, as well as cultivating resources to help support students in their interests and values. I've not only learned about what it means to be involved in honors student experiences, but I've also learned about what it means to be a member and a leader in club communities and Associated Student Government. I'd like to use the experience and knowledge I've gained to continue the current goals and values of the Honors Student Council and Associated Student Government as a whole. In particular, I know how important it is to provide students and communities with the support and ideas to thrive, especially during Covid-19. I know that us students are namely interested in transferability and long-term college plans, but I also believe we are interested in creating a memorable student experience here at Saddleback. I hope to help foster the honors student community and help smooth its transition back to campus, giving a particular emphasis to events, activities, and resources provided for transfer. As we're still stuck in the midst of uncertainty, my goal is to advocate for the interests of students, to help students stay active and thrive on and off-campus, and, especially, to help cultivate an environment that helps members old and new feel involved and supported in this community.


For the longest time, I thought that what will make me stand out as a candidate is by sharing all my skills and experiences that have been training me for a leadership role. As significant as these skills are, I believe that students should see me from a more personal viewpoint and not just through the lens of election-based purposes. A fun fact that many people don’t know about me is that I’m a pianist. I've been playing for thirteen years. One valuable lesson that my piano has taught me is that harmony becomes perfect when these three elements are involved; organization, cooperation, and communication. What I believe that is missing on our campus is communication between students and the Associated Student Government. Our campus is filled with thousands of talented individuals, and it truly saddens me that some of our students don’t have the confidence to share their creative ideas with us. As your Director of Honors Student Council, I will devote myself to creating a comfortable environment for students to express their creativity and give them the confidence to speak up and share their ideas. As your current Officer of Outreach of the honors council, I have gained countless wonderful skills to guide me through achieving these goals. Organizing events/activities with the council, communicating with other ASG committees and representatives, and many volunteering opportunities are all a few of the skills that have been training me for the responsibilities of a director. As for my council, my goal is to encourage my team to express their opinions, boost their confidence by providing unconditional support towards their academic success, and work with them to find proficient marketing strategies towards expanding the opportunities that are provided by the honors program. I understand that we are going through one of the hardest times of our lives with the current COVID-19 pandemic and what I hope to achieve as your Director of Honors Student Council is creating a stronger relationship between the Associated Student Government and the students of Saddleback College. We want your all voices to be heard, and I devote myself to making sure that no student is left behind. Leadership isn’t a natural-born instinct, it’s a journey. A journey that I hope to get through with the honors council and all the students and staff of Saddleback College. I encourage you to vote for me if you aspire to be a part of this journey. Vote for Bahar Momeninezhad!

Director of External and Internal Affairs


With experience on the Saddleback Quad Redesign Committee, a competing spirit on the Saddleback Speech and Debate team, and as a dedicated member of the Saddleback Honors program, I am both invested and qualified for representing Saddleback as the Director of External and Internal Affairs on ASG. Our community college deserves to be accurately represented and advocated for on the local, state, and national levels. I guarantee that not only will I maintain a positive and healthy relationship with external governing bodies and organizations, but I will gladly represent our diverse student body of various races, genders, ages, sexualities, disabilities, and cultures. I will be a director who will carry Saddleback to the next level.

Director of International and Diversity Student Council


Hi Saddleback students, my name is Polina and I am a first year at Saddleback. I am part of the Honors Program and looking forward to transferring to a UC. I am very outgoing and would love to serve the best interests of both international and diverse students at Saddleback. I am an immigrant myself and believe that is what makes me perfect for the position of the Director of International and Diversity Student Council. I was born in Ukraine and moved here with my family at ten years old. I know the struggles many International students face and would do my absolute best to represent the student body that both diverse and international students make up at Saddleback. I believe in equity, diversity and equality and would work with clubs to create activities that reflect those beliefs, such as international nights or cultural fairs. To foster diversity in our community I will offer suggestion boxes, surveys, and try to reach out to as many students as I can in order to understand the student body. I will use the concerns and suggestions I receive to facilitate an inclusive community. As the Director of International and Diversity Student Council I can promise to increase the sense of community between students that come from varying backgrounds.

Election Timeline/Important Dates

Wednesday, March 16 | 10 am - 12 pm - Position Q&A Quad area

Thursday, March 17 | 6 - 7 pm - Position Q&A Virtual

Wednesday, March 30 | 11:59pm - Application Deadline EXTENDED

Tuesday, March 29th | 6:30 pm - 7 pm - Mandatory Candidate Meeting virtual

Wednesday, March 30th | 9:00 - 9:30 am Mandatory Candidate Meeting virtual

*Only need to attend one of two, please email  regarding conflicts *Potential additional meeting dates TBD

Wednesday, April 6th | 10 am ~ 12 pm - "Meet Your Candidates!" event Quad area

Tuesday, April 12th @ 12a -  Thursday, April 14 @ 7p - Voting Period  - Ballots will be emailed to all student's preferred emails (check spam and junk folders if you cannot locate it)

Friday, April 15thResults announced on website

Important Documents





Elections Committee Chair: Anahi Aguillon, Director for HR and Volunteering


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