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ASG Elections

Election Timeline

Wednesday, April 7th - Candidate Application Deadline

Thursday, April 8th - Candidate Meeting and campaigning begins

Wednesday and Thursday, April 14th and 15th - Elections

Friday, April 16th - Results announced

candidate introduction event

Friday, April 8th 10:30-11:30

Meet our 2021-2022 presidential candidates at the candidate introduction event. The candidates will share their goals and visions for ASG as well as host some fun games.

Event agenda:

- Candidate Speeches

- Debate (Vote for who you think gave the best answer!)

- Q&A (Audience can ask questions to the candidates!)

- Candidate games (Each candidate will host a game in a breakout room)

Important Documents


Elections Committee Chair: Alisa Horikawa, Director for HR and Volunteering


Candidate Information

Sam Lockhart


Running for: President

Major: Neurobiology

Extracurriculars: Saddleback Honors Program- 2019- Officer of Finance for the Honors Student Council: 2021- Saddleback Psychology Club Board Member: 2021- Dean's List, Fall 2019 UCI Research Conference Moderator, Spring 2021

Candidate Statement: 

Undeniably, this past year has been difficult. We have rarely been more politically divided, hungrier for social contact, or uncertain for what the future will bring. Saddleback, thanks to the leadership the leadership of Dr. Elliot Stern and President Adam Brownell, has been an oasis of peace in the chaos, responsibly handling the pandemic, maintaining community, and always looking toward the future with bright optimism. If elected, just as Presidents Brownell and Stern have been a beacon of hope during these dark times, I intend to continue to bring us out of these murky waters to a cleaner shore. My priorities are the following: making Saddleback an environmentally sustainable campus to repair and offset ecological damages, providing opportunities to those in need of physical, financial or social assistance, and continue the legacy of a democratic campus and student government where all voices are heard. As a scientist-in-training, I have learned to be objective. I have leadership experience after captaining my high school cross country team for two years; after this time, I have learned how critical it is for all voices to be heard for an institution to reach the paragon of inclusion and representation. If I am elected, I will lead us into a brighter future where community has never been more treasured. If I am elected, the community of Saddleback and the college itself will be one of compassion for both each other and Mother Earth. If I am elected, your voice will be heard.

Running for: President

Major: Business

Extracurriculars: Psi Beta

Candidate Statement: 

My goal as President is to be as hospitable and welcoming as possible. It is my first year at Saddleback College, and as a freshman, it was very intimidating to join a new online campus. Due to the pandemic restrictions, our campus could not have the usual activities we all are familiar with. Throughout my time at Saddleback as an online student, I have found it is challenging to make friends on campus, especially with asynchronous courses. Yearning to be a part of a community, my goal as President is to create an inviting environment for every student to find their niche “on campus”. I have had nine years of leadership and student government experience therefore being online this year has been a shock to me. My favorite part of attending school has always been meeting new people and helping others find the resources they need to continue their goals. I believe when you feel you belong on campus, you’re able to thrive and achieve all your dreams. I hope you choose Danya Yassine for President to get you closer to finding your aspirations. I will serve as not only an organized and communicative leader, but as a friend, you can count on for all your needs!

Danya Yassine

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